The D-Day Dodgers ASL Club

Who are we?

We are a fledgling Advanced Squad Leader club in the Canadian Maritimes. We play ASL and we like it!

CASLA exists to foster ASL play across Canada. Many of our members are also members of CASLA, and we encourage players to join. See more information here.

ASL Battle School

This page is a site ran by an ASL fella up in Ottawa. He has plenty of ASL extras for sale and is very responsive. Check out his page and support a fellow ASL player!


Don’t forget to input your game results to the Remote On-line Automated Record! Regular input allows us all to gauge the balance of scenarios. Do your part!

About Us

Do you play Advanced Squad Leader, the premier tactical war game? Do you live in the Canadian Maritimes or Maine? If so, keep watching this site for information on gaming and tournaments!

Stick Around and see what we’re up to!

3 thoughts on “The D-Day Dodgers ASL Club

      1. Dear All,
        I am pleased to reply on your Asl blog.
        Very proud to see that you are playing one of the best tactical wargame ever made.
        Best regards


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