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Advanced Squad Leader

The Ultimate Wargame

The Creator

Don Greenwood is a board game designer and was a pioneer editor among commercial board-wargaming magazines. He began his own fanzine, Panzerfaust Magazine, which he oversaw from 1967 until 1972. He then joined The Avalon Hill Game Company in 1972, and took over editorship of that company’s “house organ”, The General Magazine, which office he held until 1982.

He worked with the designer of Squad Leader on the follow on expansions to the classic. By the early 1980s, he realized that the game needed to broken down and built back up again. The result was the game we all love: Advanced Squad Leader.


Multi-Man Publishing

MMP produce all the official ASL products and are of course the final authority on all things related to ASL. Visit their site to see ASL and other quality games.

The Remote On-line Automated Record (“ROAR”)

This site is a data base of ASL scenarios. We strongly urge every ASL player to get an account here and to log their game results.

The ASL Scenario Archive

This site is run out of the UK and has a wealth of information on scenarios, events and more impressively has a search function so that you can find the scenario to play that fits your exact need. Again, we strongly urge every ASL player to get an account here and to log their game results

Canadian Advanced Squad Leader Association

The Canadian ASL Association (CASLA) was created to put Canadian ASL players in touch with each other through a player directory. Formed by the late Jim McLeod back in 1997, this Association brings together ASL Players from across Canada as well as around the world.