The following have sponsored Tanksgiving with plenty of awesome Prize Support!


Lone Canuck Publishing

Quality third-party ASL content. This is a prolific company with a great reputation for great ASL packs, many of which feature Canadians in battle

Broken Ground Design

Broken Ground Design makes plenty of great ASL additions, such as custom counters, many of which are in full colour.

ASL Scenario Archive

Dave and Martin are two ASL players in the UK and they host one of the best ASL resources out there. If you want to know what scenario took place on your birthday in 1942, they have the answer!

Matrix Games

Makers of the Close Combat series are supporting us once again. Makers of top-notch computer-based wargames!

ASL Battleschool

Helen and Chris run this amazing store out of Ottawa, Canada. Best known for their themed period dice, ASL Battleschool has a wealth of ASL gear for sale.

Le Franc Tireur

This 3rd Party Producer from France has been creating some very high quality ASL products for years now, including such modern classics as “The Green Hell of Inor” and “Kampfgruppe Scherer”.

Hazardous Movement Gaming

One of the newest Third Party Producers, HAZMO has been an energetic newcomer to the vibrant ASL Community. The designers are not newcomers, however. Chuck Hammond has great experience in scenario design and Chad is a two-time ASLOK champion!

Yankee ASL

The Yankee ASL Group has been making quality ASL gear since the early days. MMP released “Out of the Bunker”, a scenario set produced by these guys. Check them out and get their fanzine, Dispatches from the Bunker!

Multi-Man Publishing

The makers of Advanced Squad Leader are once again providing prize support!

Bounding Fire Productions

A 3rd Party Producer out of Texas, creators of such outstanding products as Poland In Flames

Ritter Krieg

This online ASL Store provides fantastic gear as well as engaging blog posts. Do check him out!

Tadenac Canada

One of the latest additions to the ASL scene in Canada. Serving as a distributer out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Tadenac Canada has many games. Just email for a list: Website to come soon!

Key’s Game Emporium

Alex Key has been supporting the hobby for some time now. Check out his website for his latest catalog!